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La Casa Boiler Servicing Luton
Your trusted Boiler Repair, Installation & Replacement Company

When it comes to gas boiler servicing in Luton, La Casa Service is the name to trust and the company to call. As a reliable boiler repair and boiler installation company in Luton, we are on the Gas Safe Register, giving peace of mind and safety guarantees to all customers.

Our boiler servicing teams in Luton are trained and approved to work on gas central heating systems, boiler installations and boiler repairs in Luton homes and businesses.

Our years of industry experience has seen us complete boiler servicing, boiler installation and boiler replacement work across Luton, keeping customers happy and offering ongoing boiler and hot water boiler system maintenance as well as emergency boiler repair in Luton and other services.

At La Casa Service, we are on hand to offer advice about the boiler replacement that works for your Luton property, or whether boiler repair or a boiler replacement is what is required. Our regular boiler service options for Luton customers help keep systems working and efficient, helping avoid costly boiler repair work that can occur without an annual boiler servicing.

We offer callouts at no extra charge, so whatever your boiler servicing or boiler repair work  in Luton may be, contact us today for service you can rely on.

Check our offer - From Boiler Servicing to Plumbing and Gas Work across Luton & nearby suburbs!

Boiler Installation

La Casa Service is a trusted boiler installation company in Luton, part of the Gas Safe Register. We offer a range of boiler servicing and boiler installation work for Luton customers, available for boilers of many brands or models. We are committed to delivering the best boiler installation for your Luton property, bespoke to your needs.

Boiler Repair

Our boiler repair service in Luton offers swift response times when your boiler breaks down, with boiler repair work from, leaking boilers to low boiler pressure, unidentified boiler  noises to a loss of hot water and boiler ignition problems all part of our boiler repair option across Luton.

Boiler Servicing

When it comes to boiler servicing for Luton customers, we advise regular maintenance and an annual boiler service to help offset and avoid larger problems or disruption. Our boiler repair teams in Luton area will deliver maximum central heating efficiency and lower energy costs, something regular boiler servicing at your Luton home can deliver.

Central Heating

Our boiler servicing in Luton includes boiler installations and upgrades for central heating, alongside power flush services. Our boiler servicing experience in Luton tells us that some heating systems can experience poor circulation resulting in lukewarm radiators, poor hot water, or increased noise. Our boiler servicing team in Luton recommends power flushing, helping any sludge build up get removed via inline magnetic filtration, allowing your system to return to a greater efficiency level.


At La Casa Service, we have an experienced team of boiler servicing and plumbing work experts in Luton. From water leaks to burst pipes, or repairing water systems in your property, our Luton engineers are here to help. For customers who need pipework or appliances moved for an extension or other reason, our prices are reasonable and our team works fast. For emergency work, contact us on 07522 873400.

Landlord Gas Safety

Rental properties in the UK are mandated by law to have a current and valid Gas Safety Certificate. Our boiler servicing team in Luton are all Gas Safe Registered, as per the legal requirement for working on any gas appliance. We can do all your boiler servicing and plumbing work in Luton properties before issuing a certificate and make sure that all pipework, gas appliances and flues installed at your property are fully functional and efficiently working.

Why should you choose
our Boiler Servicing Company in Luton ?

When you need reliable and trusted boiler servicing in Luton, choosing La Casa Service Ltd. will give you both peace of mind and industry leading service guarantees. Our year of industry experience ensures that our boiler servicing, boiler repair and boiler replacement for Luton customers is done professionally every time.

Fast Reliable Service
Whether it’s a boiler repair at a Luton flat, or a new boiler installation at your Luton office, our fast, reliable service is on hand to get things done in no time.
Emergency Services
When the unexpected happens, our emergency boiler repair service helps our Luton customers get things fixed quickly and efficiently, with all boiler repairs done at a price you will appreciate.
Skilled & Trained Personnel
Our team of boiler servicing professionals in Luton are highly skilled, fully trained, and accredited to do boiler servicing, boiler repairs and boiler installation work across Luton, with satisfaction guaranteed.
Affordable Prices
From our cost-effective boiler servicing options to our range of boiler repair work, Luton customers trust us to do their work at a price that is both affordable and competitive.

Some facts to know about Boiler Servicing Luton before buying a New Boiler

Getting a new boiler installation in Luton is an important and often expensive choice. Before getting any kind of boiler installation at your Luton property, being informed can help you make a better choice throughout the process and offset problems that could lead to expensive boiler repair. On average, a boiler installation in Luton ranges between £1500-£3000, so we are here to inform you of 5 key things to know before you spend that kind of money.

For all boiler installation work in Luton, we advise people to take a look at all these considerations, to maximize benefits and keep boiler repair work in your Luton home to a minimum.

  • Importance of a Reliable New Boiler
  • Boiler engineer’s opinion
  • Types of Boiler: What are my Options?
  • Choosing an Efficient New Boiler
  • What Size Boiler Do I Need?

Importance of a Reliable New Boiler

Put in simple terms, when it comes to boiler installation at your Luton property, the more reliable your boiler is, the fewer costly boiler repairs you will encounter and the longer the lifespan of your system is likely to be. With the average cost of a boiler repair in Luton properties, getting a trusted, reliable brand for your boiler installation is critical, with many  giving 6 or more years fault free. Getting a less reliable brand for a boiler installation can mean a lessened boiler lifespan, particularly problematic in winter. It’s all about getting reliability, so for all boiler installation work in Luton, do your research and let our team at La Casa Service help you get the boiler installation that works for you and your property. Reliable boiler installation in Luton means lower energy costs and a greater peace of mind for customers.

Boiler engineer’s opinion

For any boiler servicing, boiler installation, or boiler repair at your Luton property, remember that a fully accredited boiler engineer can offer invaluable information during the buying process. Professional boiler servicing engineers in Luton can advise on choice, energy and cost efficiency, and what brand may be best for a boiler installation at your Luton home or business. Be sure to ask if their boiler installation brand recommendations are neutral, or based on incentives from that particular brand. Any boiler installation in Luton should benefit you first, not the engineer, so remember to ask this.

Types of Boiler: What are my Options?

When it comes to boiler installation at Luton properties, three main types of gas condensing boiler are available: combi, system and conventional.  With a boiler installation that is a combination, your system heats water as you need it means no storage tank is needed. With a heat only boiler, a conventional boiler installation at your home you will get a hot water tank or cylinder where hot water can be stored for later use.  Other boiler installation work in Luton involves putting in a system boiler, which is essentially like a heat-only boiler with additional components built in.

For some boiler installation work in Luton homes and business, system boilers are easier to install than conventional, and are smaller. For smaller homes or those with a lone bathroom, the boiler installation that is advised is a standard combi boiler without a hot water tank. Customers who need a combination boiler in their Luton home should browse brands, and for larger premises, remember that a  heat-only or system boiler is advisable. La Casa engineers can advise on all boiler installation and boiler replacement needs for Luton customers.

Choosing an Efficient New Boiler

For many, a boiler installation in their Luton property is to replace an old-style boiler with a modern gas condensing boiler, often helping to save on energy costs. According to research, for a detached home replacing getting a new boiler installation could make energy bills as low. Whether a new boiler installation or boiler replacement in your Luton place, this saving is really worth thinking about, as is the overall energy efficiency of a new boiler installation for properties on the older site, as well as new ones. At La Casa Service, our boiler servicing and boiler installation team in Luton analyzes and reviews boilers to deliver energy efficiency to customers, and the best boiler installation for their home.

What Size Boiler Do I Need?

When it comes to getting a boiler installation in your Luton premises, picking the right size system is all about considering the heating and hot water capabilities and whether it will fit in the space it is for. Each home is unique, so every boiler installation or boiler replacement in properties depends on factors such as the number of bathrooms, residents and overall usage needs. At La Casa Service, our boiler servicing and boiler installation engineers in Luton are on hand to offer trusted advice about boiler sizes. From hot water and heating capabilities to energy efficiency, each of our boiler installation reviews for customers highlights what is best for different homes, including boiler measurements to ensure a secure boiler installation for all our customers.

For information about boiler installation in Luton, and to understand the size of the system that you need, use the La Casa Services. When the time comes for boiler servicing, boiler repair, boiler replacement or boiler installation, make sure you consult trusted places to guide you to the right engineer for you. At La Casa Service, we guaranteed boiler servicing that customers can trust. Contact us today for all your boiler installation needs in Luton, as well as emergency boiler repair, giving you peace of mind and energy efficiency all the way.

What’s the best boiler size for you?
Boiler Installation & Replacement Luton

For every boiler installation in Luton you should consult your gas engineer who can advise you on what needs to be considered before the work is done:

How Much Water Do You Use?
Our boiler installation team in Luton advises that for those customers who live in a large family home, the higher water usage than that of a single occupant in a one-bedroom apartment is an important factor. A conventional boiler installation in Luton would be recommended for these homes with higher usage.

How Much Space do you Have?
For customers where space is at a premium, our boiler servicing team in Luton would recommend installing a combi boiler, which is smaller as they don’t require a hot water cylinder.

Where do you want the boiler to live?
If you are looking for a boiler installation at your Luton property, when it comes to ease of installation and minimal disruption, it’s best to have your new boiler fitted in the same place as the old one.

Boiler Servicing Frequency How often should you contact boiler company Luton?

How regularly can you come and carry out a boiler service check?

As a trusted boiler company in Luton, we based our boiler servicing on your individual needs. Whether you want scheduled boiler servicing at your property, or want an boiler replacement you can trust when things break down, La Casa is on hand to get the work done.

How regularly should I get a full boiler service?

We recommend that boiler companys should do a service at your Luton property annually. Leaving it longer than this could lead to larger, more expensive boiler servicing issues that regular services can spot and fix quickly.

How much does a boiler cost?

Around £2000 is the cost for what we consider a standard boiler, though, high efficiency models can go up to as much as £5000. An bioler installation at your Luton property could be more expensive if you don’t get regular boiler servicing, and replacements could be needed sooner than they otherwise would be, which is where our boiler company comes in, saving you time, money and unnecessary hassle.

What Our Luton Boiler Service Involves

At La Casa, our boiler company across Luton are trained and equipped to quickly identify and safely resolve any issues early on, giving you peace of mind that your system will be kept running at its optimum level at all times.  Most manufacturers recommend boiler servicing for your boiler annually, many that have warranties that depend on that. Even if you have that done, you can still call our boiler company at any time for things including:

Checking all boiler components: burner, heat exchanger, spark electrode

Checking that flue terminals and internal flue components are sealed properly

Checking that your burner is burning efficiently using a flue gas analyser

Boiler Part Cleaning

Gas Tightness Tests (to avoid gas leaks)

Boiler Casing Checks

Our boiler company in Luton are on hand to offer swift response times, clear diagnoses, and to do all the boiler repair you may need.
Contact us today for boiler servicing you can trust.

LACASA - Boiler servicing, boiler repair, installation & replacement in Luton
Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you have a boiler installation or boiler servicing done at your Luton home, be sure to let your boiler installer know about your heating and hot water needs in detail, and also any future plans you might have for your home.

Whatever boiler servicing work you are having done in Luton, consider the following questions and make sure you relay the answers to your heating engineer:

How do you use your hot water?

For example, do you regularly need hot water for more than one tap or showerhead at once,. as this could be important for any boiler servicing work at your Luton property.

Do you have a pumped power shower, or have plans for one in the future?

When it comes to deciding on your boiler installation in Luton, changing to a combi boiler can have many benefits, such as space-saving in the loft or airing cupboard, but this type of boiler is not usually compatible with a shower that has a powerful electric pump.

Do Your Hot Water Requirements Change Through the Year?

If you have friends or family as regular house guests, staying and using your facilities, let your boiler servicing engineer in Luton know, as this can make a difference to what you need.

What Home Improvements are you Planning?

Whatever boiler service, boiler repair, or boiler installation work you may be planning at your Luton property, always tell the installer if you’re thinking about adding an extension, loft conversion, or solar panels.

Are you having any Problems with your System?

Performance issues can directly influence what kind of boiler repair or servicing your Luton home system may need, so discuss any concerns or performance issues you have with your current system.

What Brand of Boiler do you Want?

From a British Gas boiler servicing or a valiant boiler servicing, your Luton engineer will be able to discuss what brands are available, what would work for you, keeping you informed before you choose.

What our Customers
say about our Boiler Servicing in Luton

After some costly repairs by another company, I ended up needing a boiler replacement at my Luton house so got this word of mouth recommendation company to come round. They advised on the most energy efficient boiler and got it done quickly, so I am happy with the end results.

Lucy Jenkins

I moved into an old property recently and immediately needed boiler servicing at my newly purchased Luton home, and this company was on hand to do it quickly and efficiently.

Oliver Dickinson

Out of nowhere my heating system stopped working, so I called this local emergency boiler repair company in Luton to get it fixed immediately. Quick response, reasonable price, professional engineers. I really do recommend this company, they exceeded my expectations.

Cameron Warner

For reliable, trusted, and cost effective boiler servicing in Luton, contact La Casa Service Ltd. From boiler repair to a new boiler installation, Luton customers can always rely on us.

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